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November traffic shows steady iPhone decline

Android is gaining at the expense of the iPhone. This is clear based on traffic numbers to moBistro mobile sites. While the iPhone is a superb device backed by oodles of apps, it has two distinct drawbacks. First, it is a GSM-only device and will only work on the AT&T network in the US. AT&T has improved its network but has a notorious reputation for reliability and coverage. Second, it has only one manufacturer; Apple. On the other hand, you can purchase an Android-powered phone on multiple networks (AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, etc.) and multiple manufacturers (Motorola, LG, Samsung, etc.).

With 2010 holiday sales showing signs of significant up-ticks from last year and new Android devices entering the market almost daily, we expect iPhone share to further decline and Android share to rise. Where's Windows Mobile 7?

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Google estimates that by 2013, more than 70% of online searches will be performed on mobile devices.

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