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Mobile Rumors and Facts

Unverified Rumor: Apple has discontinued the white iPhone 4
Fact: White iPhone 4 removed from the online Apple Store

Unverified Rumor: Apple is in the process of acquiring Sony 
Fact: Apple's cash reserves are about $50 billion while Sony's net worth is about $34 billion

Unverified Rumor: Google and Samsung are collaborating on a new branded Android smartphone (Nexus Two)
Fact: Samsung is hosting an event on November 8 to launch a brand new Android smartphone

Unverified Rumor: Apple iPhone is coming to Verizon
Fact: Yawn!

Unverified Rumor: HP readies WebOS phones for early 2011
Fact: Yawn!

Other Notable News:
  • 23 new tablets will flood the market before the new year. Most will be Android-based, but our expectation is that they will fall somewhat flat considering they will mostly be on FroYo.
  • Brand manufacturers are releasing 9 new Windows Mobile 7 phones. Will Microsoft finally make a splash in the mobile market?
  • Rumors are circulating about the iPhone 5. Keep checking this blog for updates...

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Google estimates that by 2013, more than 70% of online searches will be performed on mobile devices.

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