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Nexus One versus iPhone

Which one is better? Which one should you get?

Here's the bottom line:
The Nexus One has a much nicer screen with a much better resolution.
The Nexus One has a better Camera with a LED Flash and GPS-location for pictures.
The Nexus One’s battery is replaceable while the iPhone battery is not (you have to send your phone to Apple, but there are plenty of unofficial iPhone battery replacers).
The iPhone has better RAM and storage capacity. The Nexus One has one really annoying drawback in that you can only store 256M worth of apps.
The Nexus One offers a better range of carriers and Verizon is coming soon (compare your own Verizon versus AT&T versus T-Mobile coverage)
The iPhone has a much better selection of apps.

So which one should you buy? Well, if you already own an iPhone and are looking for a change, go for the Nexus One. We know a few people who have already switched and can’t stop talking about it. We also know people who have actually switched back to the iPhone. If you have owned neither, it depends on your personality type. If you are progressive, go for the Nexus One; if you are conservative, go for the iPhone (and we don’t mean progressive or conservative in the political sense).

Here is a detailed comparison of the two phones:

Nexus One iPhone
Size and Weight
Height 119mm 115.5mm
Width 59.8mm 62.1mm
Depth 11.5mm 12.3mm
Weight 130 grams 135 grams
Resolution 800 x 480 480 x 320
Camera & Flash  
Camera Pixels 5 megapixels 3 megapixels
Focus Autofocus | 6mm to infinity Autofocus
Zoom 2x digital None
Flash LED None
GPS-Enabled GPS photo-location Assisted GPS with Compass
Video 720 x 480 | 20fps VGA | 30fps
Video Format H.263, MPEG-4, H.264 H.264, MPEG-4, MOV
Cell & Wireless
Cell 3G / EDGE 3G / Edge
Wi-fi 802.11b/g 802.11b/g
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Power & Battery  
Battery Removable / replaceable Built-in, non-removable
USB Charging Yes Yes
Talk Time 10 hrs on 2G, 7 hrs on 3G 12 hrs on 2G, 5 hrs on 3G
Standby 290 hrs 300 hrs
Internet 5 hrs on 3G, 6.5 hrs on wi-fi 5 hrs on 3G, 9 hrs on wi-fi
Video Playback 7 hrs 10 hrs
Audio Playback 20 hrs 30 hrs
OS & Capacity  
OS Android 2.1 iPhone 3.x
Flash 512MB 16G to 32G
RAM 512MB 16G to 32G
Storage 4G to 32G (SD Card) 16G to 32G
Unlocked Yes ($530 retail) Yes, with jail-breaking
AT&T Yes (if bought unlocked) Yes
T-Mobile Yes (with contract or unlocked) Yes, if bought jail-broken
Verizon Coming in Spring 2010 No official word
Vodafone (Europe) Coming in Sprint 2010 N/A
Apps & Intangibles  
Available Apps > 18,000 and growing fast > 100,000
Coolness Factor Will turn heads Everyone has one, still cool
New to Market Released in early Jan, 2010 Becoming passe, but still cool
App Capacity 256M 32G

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