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Mobile UP and PC Down

We always love sharing different device and product forecasts and data, especially when it comes to our niche, mobile devices. Gartner’s latest forecast shares the race between PC’s and mobile devices from 2012 to 2017.

Success is looking bleak for the PC as their shipments are beginning to dwindle as mobile devices are slowing down their replacement cycles and even replacing the PC in many cases. Gartner’s forecast projects that worldwide tablet shipments will increase by over 300% in the next five years with 116,113 (thousands of units) in 2012 to 467,951 (thousands of units) in 2017. Mobile phones will increase by upwards of 80% from 1,746,176 (thousands of units) in 2012 to 2,128,871 (thousands of units) in 2017. As for PC’s, they are expected to decline by 20% over the next five years from 341,263 (thousands of units) in 2012 to 271,612 (thousands of units) in 2017. This forecast is great news for companies such as Samsung, Google and Apple but not so much for HP and Dell.

Gartner’s forecast also projects how worldwide Operating System shipments will look. The future looks very bright for Android, Windows and iOS/MacOS as each year they will see a significant increase in shipments while RIM (now BlackBerry) is showing a slow decline in shipments as each year passes.

I don’t believe the PC will ever become obsolete because so many rely on it for work, schooling, etc. but I do believe as the functionality of mobile phones and tablets increase, we will certainly see a decline in shipments on a worldwide level.

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Google estimates that by 2013, more than 70% of online searches will be performed on mobile devices.

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