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But wait... isn't "Content King"? Not according to a recent study by People these days, being referred to as the "Google Generation" need instant gratification. 

If a desktop website takes longer than 4 seconds to load, 1 in 4 people will abandon it! We're not implying that content isn't important, but if your site doesn't load fast enough then 25% of your viewers never make it far enough to see your content. 

Those of you smiling smugly due to your lightening-fast desktop website shouldn't relax just yet. How is your presence on a mobile device? 

Mobile sites get a bit of a break with a 10 second window to load, but in this case 50% of people will leave your site (and 3 out of 5 will never return). Google has released figures stating that 60% of the people that leave will go to a competitor's site that performs well on mobile devices.

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Google estimates that by 2013, more than 70% of online searches will be performed on mobile devices.

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