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Why iPhone is coming on T-Mobile

If you haven't heard yet, there are rumors flying about that the iPhone is coming to T-Mobile. Here's our reasons on why Apple is making this move:

  • AT&T and T-Mobile are in merger talks. Eventually, it will be one company anyway!
  • iPhone 5 release has been delayed until September (or November). Apple needs a fast-selling money-maker besides the iPad.
  • Apple also needs to continue buzz until its next major launch (iPhone 5). By offering a white iPhone, Apple is making a smart marketing move (we call it smarketing)
  • iPhone already has GSM technology. This is just a 'branding' issue.
  • iPhone is a single device competing with about 150 Android devices. The only way Apple can compete is to offer it using multiple carriers.
  • The T-Mobile GSM network is considered superior to AT&T's (at least as far as number of towers is concerned).
  • Currently, T-Mobile is owned by Deutsche Telecom with a robust European network. This move will enable iPhone to reach out in Europe quite easily.

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