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New Apple Products Coming

What is so special about September 1, 2010? If you are an Apple-lover, get ready for some exciting announcements. Apple is creating buzz around an exclusive, invitation only event at the Yervba Center for the Arts in San Francisco on September 1. With an apple logo cutout from a guitar, Apple is expected to make some announcements. Here are some possibilities (Score: 1 = not likely, 10 = sure thing):
  • Cloud-based iTunes > Score = 8.5
  • iTV (re-branded from Apple TV) > Score = 9
  • TV show rentals for iTunes users (rumored to be 99 cents per show) > Score = 7
  • A new iPod Touch (will it look more like the iPhone 4 and will it have a front facing camera?) > Score = 6.5
  • A new iPod Shuffle with a touch screen > Score = 3
  • New iOS for the iPad (ho-hum) > Score = 8
  • A smaller version of the iPad > Score = 5.5
  • A smaller MacBook Air > Score = 5
The event will definitely create some noise (mostly positive, some negative); nobody is more publicity-savvy than Apple!

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