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iPad competition is here - more coming

There is no question that Apple is a trend-setter. The iPod, iPhone and iPad are good examples of Apple's trend-setting ways. While there is hardly a worthy rival to the iPad, Google and Microsoft are creating buzz around launching devices on the Android and Windows 7 platforms. Funny thing is, there are a few Android tablets out there already, but none have caught on. Most recently in the news is a rumored Google-Verizon "gPad" that will be released on Black Friday 2010. For now, the following are worth a look (if you are considering the iPad). In the end, the iPad has a pretty significant lead (so far):

Dell: Recently released, the Dell Streak is an AT&T-based 5-inch device that you can purchase for as little as $299.99. Based on Google Android, it doesn't offer much competition to the iPad.
Moonse: This little known Android 1.5 device is rumored to be actually available in China. It is called the Moonse E-7001 and has an 800 x 480 resolution with Wi-Fi and sells for an affordable $220. There is also an unfortunate rumor that it cannot be upgraded to Android 2.x
Augen: This Android 2.1 7" tablet is available at KMart for a mere $170. It comes with 256M of RAM, WiFi and 2G storage. There is hardly any buzz around this device, but they have been around for a couple of months!

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