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Mobile Rumors

Take it with a grain of salt, but here is a synopsis of the rumors flying about:

  • The much anticipated Verizon iPhone has been delayed. You have probably heard about (or experienced) AT&T's dismal data speed on the iPhone, and rumors of how Verizon is all set to enter the market with the iPhone. Well, apparently, AT&T was able to sweeten the iPad deal (probably provide a greater subsidy) in exchange for longer exclusivity!
  • It's no secret that Steve jobs hates Flash. Although it is on virtually every computer in the world, Flash is not compatible with the iPhone or the iPad. Apple has stubbornly held its ground and will simply not allow any Flash to work! Now come rumors of a competing technology called Gianduia (don't ask me how to pronounce it). Apparently, it is light-weight and is really easy to develop on. From the makers of Objective-C and Quicktime, we are not convinced...
  • Motorola just bought Aziongo, a company based in India that makes a mobile OS based on Linux. Motorola has endorsed the Android platform so far, but this presents a wrinkle in that strategy.
  • Just in case you were wondering where the carriers rank in terms of market-share, here's the data (March, 2010)
       >> Verizon > 31.3%
       >> AT&T > 25.2%
       >> Sprint > 12.0%
       >> T-Mobile > 12.0%

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Google estimates that by 2013, more than 70% of online searches will be performed on mobile devices.

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