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Apple's iSlate is coming

As the Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows look to catch up with Apple iPhone craze, rumor has it that Apple is blazing new trails with the iSlate. Reported to be a game-changer for Television, content publishers and books, the iSlate is Apple’s answer to tablets and netbooks. Apple followers are buzzing with expectations of an announcement in about a month (Jan-end) for a possible iSlate release in March or April. If all this is true, some top-secret plant in Asia is already manufacturing the iSlate.

So what is Apple trying to accomplish by launching the iSlate? Consider the following:
Amazon’s Kindle was the most gifted item on Barnes and Noble has launched the Nook and Sony has launched the PRS-700 recently. Apple’s iSlate would jump way beyond these products by offering color, video, stereo and touch-screen capabilities.
Apple has already moved past the designer-centric, pricey, even snobbish iMac and MacBook users to mainstream, consumer-centric, affordable MP3 and SmartPhones. This would be Apple’s latest entry into the ever-emerging media landscape of real-time, high-resolution, streaming media. Deals with content providers (TV channels, NPR, Disney, etc.) are probably already in the works.
We all know that the App Store has more than 100,000 apps with more than 2 billion downloads. Apple keeps about 30% of all revenue generated by selling of apps. With the iSlate, apps will take on a whole new meaning. Larger format means richer content, more intense graphics, more functional apps, and in the end, more app revenue for Apple. We can only hope that Apple improves its approval process, but that is a topic for another day.

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