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  • M-Commerce is Moving Onward & Upward

    There are over 132 million smartphone users in the United States alone.  Of this number, 25% are actively making purchases from the palm of their hand.  The number may seem significant, however, it only accounts for 3% of online sales and only 1% of total retail sales.

    The ...

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  • Happy New Year

    The moBistro team wishes you a very happy, healthy

    and mobile-optimized 2013!

    With over 1 billion smartphones users worldwide...

    now is the time to go mobile!

    If your business is looking to become mobile-optimized in the new year..

    give us a call at 480.614.9000 or leave us a comment below!...

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  • Mobile Video Tutorials

    Although the moBistro platform makes creating mobile websites a quick and easy process, we wanted to reduce the learning curve even more. These new Video Tutorials will help everyone design mobile websites quickly and easily.

    Here is the YouTube Channel containing all of the videos: Mobile Video Tutorials

    As new ...

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  • Mobile Website Templates have Arrived

    Mobile Website Templates

    The Mobile Content Management System has been upgraded to version 4.5 - and that means big news! Now creating a mobile website is easier (and faster) than ever using our Mobile Website Themes! 

    Mobile Website Themes are available in different Categories like Trades, Tourism, Medical, etc. If ...

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  • Mobile Infographic

    Still wondering why every business around you seems to be going mobile? What's all the fuss about anyway? Are people really browsing the internet more and more on their mobile devices? 

    Because it's time, it's here to stay, and yes - mobile web traffic will surpass desktop and laptop traffic ...

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  • Biggest Complaints from Mobile Consumers

    Since mobile is "the next big thing" and still so new, mobile providers and developers are always looking for the latest information to figure out what it is that mobile consumers want. Thanks to Keynote Competitive Research, we're a little closer to knowing what's going on in the minds of ...

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  • Apple continues lead

    A bunch of other stats engines and polling places report how Android has more than 50% of the market. On the mobiFriendly-moBistro platform, we simply don't see it. We see Apple continuing to lead the pack while others (including Android) follow!

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  • Speed > Content ?

    But wait... isn't "Content King"? Not according to a recent study by People these days, being referred to as the "Google Generation" need instant gratification. 

    If a desktop website takes longer than 4 seconds to load, 1 in 4 people will abandon it! We're not implying that content isn't important, ...

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  • Most Popular Mobile Devices

    It's no big secret that iOS and Android dominate the smartphone landscape. Here are the top ten devices generating traffic on the moBistro / mobiFriendly platform:

    1. Apple iPhone - 51.8% (iOS)
    2. SonyEricsson LT15i Xperia Arc - 6.8% (Android)
    3. HTC EVO 4G - 2.8% (Android)
    4. Motorola DroidX ...

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  • Apple maintains healthy lead

    February traffic numbers show that Apple's solid lead over Android narrowed just a bit, but Apple continues to maintain a healthy lead. The battle is clearly a 2-horse race. Microsoft and RIM try the create waves, but customers are not impressed by all their shenanigans!

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Google estimates that by 2013, more than 70% of online searches will be performed on mobile devices.

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